Short tour - install, test, uninstall

The PILS installer was created by InnoSetup and its looks should be familiar.

Just accept the license and press the defaults. When completed, leave the Launch option checked.

When lanuched without command line arguments, PILS will create a test file for you. Being a polyglot programming language, PILS needs to know the language you prefer to use with this file.

So you picked English. A test program is created, with a test module.

The time has come to experiment with PILS expressions. Replace the comment with an expression of your choice - the beer opener turns red when you have made unsaved alterations - and activate the save and test command, by menu or simply by pressing ctrl-T.

The result will be displayed in the lower pane.

You may uninstall PILS if you don't like it or don't need it right now.

Uninstalling PILS will delete the test program that was automatically created, and destroy changes you made to files created by the install. It will not delete programs you create elsewhere.